Saturday, January 1, 2011

.Tel Name ecosystem (and our Global Identity Management Service)

surging popularity of smart phone provide constant access to the web ....

Imagine a world where Emails & Phone calls come thru your name ... (

in which each individual

or Professionals /

Small Businesses /

Large Businesses /

Gov’t Agencies /

NGOs /


would be uniquely identified)

.Tel a

ll your communications u

nder one name

.Tel Innovative ways to keep in touch using Online Card, Business Contact details with personal social profiles




capable as Social Networks by activating TelFriends allows you to securely share private information with those you trust

.. with a .Tel Domain.

Join the world's only

Real-Time Global Directory and

Fastest sites on the mobile web


applications & services that make it easier to set up and manage your .tel

Watch out for next forthcoming developments of

.tel Names

and my

and our

as well as

our other .tel

domain name

portfolio only via;

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